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TAFES - The Academy For Environmental SicknessThe Academy For Environmental Sickness (TAFES) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Non-profit supports other 501(c)(3) in their efforts to promote alternative healing practices. We also have experts, who teach the public about the different environmental stressors, offer solutions, and provide resources for healing from health issues stemming from exposures.

Therefore, TAFES is commissioned to bring valuable change to all persons seeking help without totally relying on current medical establishment methods for assistance.

Air PollutionEnvironmental Stressors create a wide range of health issues related to single or multiple incidents of exposures to any of the following stressors:

  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Electric & Magnetic Fields
  • Radiation
  • Molds
  • Gases
  • Smoke

These symptoms may be hard to diagnose initially. Many doctors do not have the knowledge, training, or experience to diagnose nor treat any of these illnesses. Elapsed time can further cause irreparable damage to individuals in some cases.

TAFES Team Bios

Brandi Sturdivant

Brandi SturdivantBrandi Sturdivant is 24 years old, a Yoga Teacher, Certified Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant, and Reiki Master with a desire to help others. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management in 2011. She has grown up doing things the “natural way” so all the information we practice with here comes second nature to her. She grew up using the oils for different ailments, and went to reflexologists instead of M.D.’s.

Growing up in this environment, and then witnessing her mother, inspired her journey of learning as much about alternative healing as she can. She became a Reiki Master in 2013; she has also gained her Nutrition Certification and a Yoga Teacher Certification through the Asheville Yoga Center.

The reason why she chose to educate people about all these different items is she practices this on a daily basis. She feels this is information that everyone should know about, so they can experience the same benefits she has. If it were not for all these different items, she would not have a mother today. These items saved her mothers life and have helped hers tremendously also. She lives by the philosophy what is life without your health.

Beth Sturdivant

Beth SturdivantBeth  Sturdivant  Franchisee,  Entrepreneur,  Author,  Nutritionist  and  Health  &  Wellness Consultant, Survivor

I am a successful Entrepreneur, owning many businesses over twenty plus years. My main job has been a mother for two wonderful children. I am married to my high school sweetheart of many years. After going through a very challenging time, trying to figure out what was slowly taking my health from me. I have decided to put my best foot forward; increase awareness and help others by introducing them various helpful remedies I have found for EMF sickness and many other environmental sensitivities. I must say it was hard not knowing what to do when you have never heard of this problem.

As a result, I began to seek medical help to keep me alive for my children. I came up with a solution after I visited eighteen doctors across the country and was diagnosed with EMF sickness, which allowed me to win a landmark case with disability. I want to prevent people from spending so much money that is not needed. I am in the process of healing but am nowhere near where I used to be. I have more freedom then I once had and I am not in constant pain. After speaking to many people around the country with my same challenges, I realized, I do have answers and can help quickly bring hope back to them. For all of us that suffer its very important we have each other and can rely on the knowledge of ones that are healing.

What gave me the inspiration to form a foundation is a statement from a book I read that said, “EMF Sickness is true! If you ever come up with a solution let us all know.”

Since, I am a walking testimony and have surpassed all my doctors’ prognoses; I decided to try everything possible to let others know there is help available. This foundation will allow me to offer tools and information that helped me survive, function and heal faster. Many people do not have the money to pay for medical help or to buy products that will help the suffering from a disease not recognized by the major health insurance companies or society yet.

Jennifer Beaman Pippin

Jennifer BeamanJennifer Beaman Pippin, AIBD, CPBD, CGP owner of Pippin Home Designs, Inc., is a nationally acclaimed Residential Design Specialist and a recognized expert in sustainable and green building practices, with a focus on creating new homes and renovation projects. Pippin owns a green home and studio, which is open for tours, as a teaching resource on living sustainably.

Her many credentials include: a Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD), and is a professional member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD); Pippin holds diplomas in Classical Architecture, Green Building and Renewable Energy Technologies and is a Certified Green Professional, with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). She is also the past chair of the Lake Norman HBA Green Building Council and a well known speaker on Green Building and Sustainable Living practices.

She is the recipient of numerous design and business achievement awards, including: the 2009 ‘50 Most Influential Women of the Year’ award from Mecklenburg Times; in 2008, The Charlotte Business Journal recognized Pippin with three Green awards: Green For-Profit Business of the Year, Green Advocate of the Year and Green Residential Renovation Project of the Year and she also received the Special Project – Green Renovation Stars Award, from the NC Homebuilders Association. In addition, the prestigious 2004 Charlotte Woman Business Owner of the Year Award from National Association for Women Business Owners; the 2004 Top 25 Women in Business Achievement award, by the Charlotte Business Journal; and the as 2008 Top Women Business Leader in the Golden Crescent, from Business Today.

With 28 years of experience in Residential Design, her award-winning homes can be found all around the Lake Norman area in NC and multiple states nationwide, featured in numerous local and national magazines, and in television programs including HGTV, NASCAR Today, and Desperate Design. The vital concepts of environmental consciousness, Universal Design, and Feng Shui are all combined and incorporated into every project she creates.

Her many local and national awards and credentials speak to her professional capability. The homes she and her firm designs reflect the diversity and uniqueness that has given her the reputation as the Green Home designer for “homes with a view.” Pippin utilizes the natural features of the site, the views and the movement of the sun across the property, to create a comfortable home uniquely suited to its environment, providing healthy, durable and loveable homes, incorporating the unique visions of each individual client, to make them authentic to the homeowner and the site.

Increasing her talents and expertise, Pippin regularly attends continuing education courses and workshops, learning about energy efficiency, solar design, universal design, the various market segments, high performance home design, renewable energy technologies, etc. These qualities speak to her commitment to remain on the cutting edge of design, for the ultimate benefit of her clients.

In addition, Pippin has expanded her knowledge in the field of health and nutrition, showing others how they can improve their health by cleaning up their internal environment, as well. She now provides the best line of products available on the planet for organic superfoods, which nourish and cleanse the body at the cellular level, a way of hydrating the cells with an alkaline water machine and supplements for your body to create its own powerful antioxidant, glutathione. Contact Pippin for more details on these incredible life enhancing products

Find out more at: www.pippinhomedesigns.com


Anthona Lamail Spain

Anthona Lamail SpainAnthona Lamail Spain, is head strength and conditioning /speed coach that specializes in injury prevention for athletes and general population adults.  While his specialty is working with athletes and enhancing their abilities through physical and mental training, he does work with the general population as well with showing them the correct way to eat healthily and move. He has performed thousands of workouts with diverse populations.  Coach Spain’s clientele, who has ranged in age from 8 to 88, have improved their fitness levels while dealing with medical issues including arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lower back problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and more.  His mission is to restore the health of people, and to educate them on the prevention of autoimmune diseases, by improving their nutrition. This will fuel more effective exercise and improve well-being in our community.

He holds a certification as a Strength and Condition Specialist with the National Strength and Condition Association (NSCA). Coach Spain graduated from Wingate University where he holds a degree in Athletic Training.  He was the first ever to complete all four years in the athletic training program and letter as a varsity football player at Wingate University.  While at Wingate University, he was a Academic All-American.  He accumulated extensive experience with sports specific training through acting as a head student athletic training for the Wingate University Softball team, Men’s Soccer team and assistant student athletic training of the Lacrosse team.  After graduating with Cum Lauda honors, he went on to receive his Master’s of Science degree from Illinois State University in Kinesiology and Recreation with an emphasis in Sports Psychology.  While there, he worked as a graduate assistant in the athletic training department at a local high school in Bloomington/ Normal, Illinois (Normal West Community High School) in which his capacities ranged from scholastic sports such as wrestling to softball.  He also assisted with volunteering for seminars such as the Bigger, Faster, and Stronger program there at the local high school training student/athletes and assisted with volunteering for tournaments during the Christmas holiday.  In addition to working as a graduate assistant athletic trainer, he did a pilot study with the athletic department of Normal West Community High School to study the correlation between stress and injury for the Fall Semester Graduate Symposium at Illinois State Graduate Lecture.

In addition, Coach Spain holds a certification as a Master Hypnotherapist.  He has studied and written numerous articles on sports and exercise psychology.  He has worked in the exercise and sport arena for over 10 years in capacities from rehabilitating athletes back to their normal status of play to designing and implementing sports and exercise programs to enhance their abilities and preventing injury.

Coach Spain is a passionate motivational speaker, coach and consultant.  He diligently works day in and day out with youth and organizations that cater to youth teaching them how to incorporate speed and agility concepts into their game as well as injury prevention techniques.

He has created a holistic program involving exercise, nutrition, and mental training. He uses this holistic plan  with individuals on a daily basis to bridge the gap between nutrition and wellness in my community.

Dr. Crystal Green

Dr. Crystal GreenAs a Certified Nutrition, Health, Career & Lifestyle Coach, Dr. Green’s philosophy  is that anyone can live a more fulfilling life when they decide to change their mindset so that they can transform their body. Her goal is to empower others to move past their frustrations and live the dream life that they desire.

As a best-selling author of How to Be Schoolgirl Skinny ®: Eat Your Cake and Have Your Figure Too!, which was featured in DietsInReview.com and Today’s Charlotte Woman, Dr. Green has helped her clients lose weight, manage chronic health concerns, identify their career niche as well as share fundamentals principles to guide others to a healthy lifestyle through her private practice Dr. Cris, the Dream Life Doctor as well as her foundation The Dream Life Foundation.

Dr. Green has earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis is Career Development, and EdS in Higher Education Administration both from Kent State University and a Master’s in Clothing, Textiles and Interiors with an Emphasis in Communications from The University of Akron. Additionally she has earned three certifications in Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle from Vanderbilt University, Global Career Coach Facilitator from Thomas Edison State College and College Instruction from Kent State University. Learn more about Dr. Green when you visit her website at AskDrCris.com

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