Our Mission

Our Mission

Our MissionOur mission is to educate and raise awareness of environmental stressors that cause sicknesses in the body while providing solutions for healing.

Our goals are to offer safe havens worldwide, provide information and holistic solutions for healing from environmental sicknesses. TAFES is a learning institution, led by experts in the field of environmental sicknesses including electrical sensitivities (ES) and toxic poisonings.

Better FutureOur experts teach the public about the different stressors while offering solutions and providing immediate resources for healing from any of the aforementioned health issues stemming from exposures.

Environmental stressors create a wide range of health issues related to single or multiple incidents of exposures to any of the following various stressors:

  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Electric & Magnetic Fields
  • Radiation
  • Molds
  • Gases
  • Smoke

Environmental StressorsThese symptoms may be hard to diagnose initially. Most doctors do not have the knowledge, training, or experience to diagnose nor treat any of these illnesses. Elapsed time can further cause irreparable damage to individuals in some cases.

Therefore, TAFES is commissioned to bring valuable change physically and mentally to all persons seeking help without relying on current medical establishment methods for assistance.

Core Values

Core ValuesOur core values of belief are:

  • Every human has a right to be free of environmental stressors.
  • Everyone deserves the awareness of environmental stressors.
  • Everyone needs to know there are solutions to environmental stressors.
  • Education to prevent the effects of environmental stressors.
  • Everyone should know what a diode is and own several.

With this said, TAFES being new is in great need of start-up funds to begin our mission and complete our organizations vision. We desire to partner with you in order to build a long and lasting beneficial relationship that achieves a common core of values with regard to human health in particular those affected by environmental stressors causing sickness.

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